Student Groups

Student groups are a great way to meet other students while exploring your interests, developing leadership skills, and becoming active in the U campus community. More than 700 student groups meet regularly, host events, and serve the community.


Make a difference in the world and have fun doing it! Volunteer in the local community. Or take a service-learning course. They combine classroom study with volunteer work. The U can help you volunteer at a local organization that matches your interests and values. This is a great way to gain experience, explore careers, and meet people. If you volunteer, check out the Community Engagement Scholars Program.

Campus Leadership and Involvement

Campus leadership opportunities are structured experiences offered by University departments and colleges. These positions serve the campus and offer opportunities to work closely with other students, faculty, and staff.

Learning Abroad and Away

Imagine living with a host family while taking classes in Mexico, doing a research project in England, or interning in a clinic in Ecuador. There are hundreds of opportunities. Don’t want to go so far away? Try the National Student Exchange and study at a different university for a semester. Or spend a semester off campus in the Twin Cities.


Research experience helps you integrate what you learn in class with ongoing exploration and discovery and lets you work one-on-one with professors. You can do research through directed credits, a student job, volunteering with a faculty member, or taking part in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. Be a part of solving problems like hunger and disease.

Student Employment

Working on campus provides the perfect balance: earn money, develop skills, gain experience, and become involved! Campus jobs are conveniently located, flexible, pay well, and often lead to other opportunities. You can also use work-study funds to hold part-time community service positions off campus.


Employers today expect graduating students to have real-world experience in their chosen field. An internship is a way to get that experience while still in college. And it’s a way to explore what day-to-day work is like in careers that interest you. Some majors at the University even require internships in their curriculum.


The Student Employment Leadership Program offers workshops & activities to complement the student work experience. The program is geared towards the professional development of undergraduate student employees and provides opportunities to promote growth related to the University's Student Learning Outcomes.

On Twitter? Facebook Junkie?

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About Student Engagement

Student Engagement is more than being involved in activities and experiences; it is investing time and energy into intentionally learning about, reflecting on and understanding those experiences.