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More than Just Class

Engagement outside of the classroom contributes to a richer college experience, deeper learning, and better career opportunities.  Being engaged in college is more than being involved; it is about investing your time and energy into intentional experiences and reflecting on your learning, leadership, and skill development. 

Gopher Link

Gopher Link is a comprehensive tool to connect you to student groups and more! Check out these features:

  • Student Ownership
    Take control of your co-curricular involvement by finding opportunities, join a group, attend an event and track your experiences.
  • Experience Record
    Your academic transcript shows all that you’ve accomplished in the classroom here at the University of Minnesota. In Gopher Link, your Experience Record shows all that you’ve accomplished outside of the classroom here at the University of Minnesota.
  • Events
    Check the Events Calendar to find out many things happening around campus. Events are hosted by student groups and campus departments.
  • Co-curricular Path
    Some of the best experiences are not just found, they’re designed. Many departments have designed a path of experiences for you to follow to fulfill your goals and add to your Experience Record.
  • Student Groups
    Find a group to join, manage your group and record all of the group’s accomplishments. Student Groups are the most common co-curricular experience for students at the University of Minnesota. Make your time spent in your student group work for you by adding your accomplishments to your Experience Record.
  • And more!
    More opportunities will be added throughout the year so check back often!

Looking for ways to engage?

Here are 7 simple ways to get involved and make the most of your college experience.